"I started taking lessons with Jessica over four years ago after having herniated and bulging discs in my back. When my physical therapy was over I was ready to begin exercising again but wanted a trainer to make sure I was doing everything correctly to insure I didn't re-injure my back.

We started off with rehabilitation exercises, and as I listened to my body, if bad pain happened, Jessica changed up the exercise immediately. When the exercises proved to be too difficult, Jessica thought of yoga. At first I was very limited to what I could do. We had to work together to find out which poses did and didn't work. Adjustments and modifications had to be made. Finding the poses that could relieve pain and gently stretch or relax the muscles was possible because Jessica has the expertise and patience to come up with solutions to the problems! She has helped make my body stronger and increased my endurance all the while addressing the issues in a professional manner. I always feel better if not physically  then mentally!

Jessica is a fabulous teacher! She is totally into her students and listens to their needs. I look forward to my lessons with Jessica, her positive attitude, encouragement and knowledge. She is able to adapt to any situation and helps to alleviate any ache I  might have. By the time my lesson is over, I am ready to take on the day! Thank you, Jessica!"

-Nancy E. (client of 4+ years)

"Highly Reccomend Hiring Jessica Nowak!!

I highly recommend hiring Jessica. She is so knowledgeable about the body and knows exactly what your body needs! Every workout is individualized daily and she really uses your strengths to build up your weaknesses. She not only has a vast array of skills, but she is also super kind and makes you feel extremely comfortable. I am doing yoga and kickboxing and my husband is doing yoga with her and we could not ask for a better trainer!!"

-Lauren B. (client of 1 year)

"I have worked with Jessica professionally for 3 years and have known her personally for 23 years. Jessica is very knowledgeable about personal training, nutrition, psychology and yoga. I am very impressed with her knowledge and applicability of the mind-body-spirit connection. Her attention to detail, quality of work and professionalism are other characteristics that keep me referring her clients. I highly recommend her services and she has helped me reach personal goals. She will always do her best to help in whatever way she can."

-Sarah G. (client of 3 years)

"I have trained with Jessica for 8 years so I am a big fan! She is extremely knowable about exercise, the body, and nutrition and mixes up our workouts to keep things fresh and fun. She is motivated to help you reach your goals and is always professional. Most importantly, she works with whatever health issues you are dealing with to ensure you don't injure yourself during exercise as form is critical with her."

-Maureen M (client of 8 years)