"Yoga is the journey of self, through self, to the self." 

–Bhagavad Gita

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place” -Eckhart Tolle

Yoga consists of much more than poses. Yoga is a mindset. This is what I tell clients and what I have learned for myself through the evolution of my personal practice.

Just as the asanas are meant to fit your body, not your body to fit the asanas, together we work to create a practice that fits you. We create a practice that allows you to journey toward your individual goal, whether it be strength, resilience, emotional relief, or a total system of conscious and skillful living.

The Unalome symbol used in the Evolution Bodywork logo is representative of the path to enlightenment: The bottom spiral illustrates our early struggles in life, struggles that become thinner as we progress along our path/journey toward enlightenment.

Just as legend of the Phoenix states that it is cyclically regenerated or reborn, rising from its own ashes, or the Lotus that grows from dark murky waters and blooms into beauty, we travel through life on our journey constantly learning and growing from our experiences.

Under the 8 Limbs of yoga there are moral codes and aims of life. Artha refers to the creation of a balanced life. Ahimsa refers to compassion and thoughtful consideration. Through practice and repetition of balance and compassion your body not only adapts to the fluidity asana, but you may find you begin to adapt your thought processes as well; Thus, becoming more flexible in your body and your mind as you journey along through your practice.

Yoga and Pilates cross paths in many ways. Pilates also consists of a series of precise and controlled movement and breathing patterns for stabilizing and strengthening. In both practices, the development of a strong core is just one more benefit of incorporating your practice into your regular lifestyle and routine.

My pre and post pregnancy Yoga and Pilates training, as well as my personal practice throughout my own pregnancy, have proven time and time again the importance of a strong core when it comes overall health and pain reduction.

Pilates programs are personally developed and are based in traditional Mat Pilates fashion on the ground using an exercise mat. These exercises can be done as a program on their own or incorporated into your strength and conditioning regimen.

As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Yoga and Thai Bodywork Practitioner, I have a deep understanding of the role of form and alignment throughout the body with regards to injury prevention and recovery.

Body alignment is the key to all program design regardless of the client, and modifications are the keys to successful programs. All exercises and programs are modified to the individual to ensure safety.

The Sports Massage and Trigger Point aspects of Thai Bodywork are key components in injury recovery. Through these practices, we re-train the muscles after trauma and injury in order to improve any inhibited ranges of motion in large and small joints throughout the body. I love to teach clients how their body works. Through this they can develop a greater body awareness, a better understanding of the role of their personal movement patterns, and a reduction in pain.