You want to know how to lose weight? Buy a puppy.

We bought a puppy for our son on Valentine's Day, sentimentally named him Cupid, and we (my husband and I, not my son of course) haven't been able to sit still since. Between the playing, walking, and cleaning up puppy messes we both have easily reached 10,000 steps a day. As a person who really enjoys eating, I do have to say I am enjoying the adrenaline rush which is leaving me with very little appetite. Not that there has been much opportunity to sit and enjoy a meal anyway.

I do realize that this is a double edge sword: not taking the time to consider my food choices, and therefore just eating what's available when I realize how long it's been since the last time I ate. I have always been empathetic toward busy people who don't make food choices a priority due to the rest of the chaos in their lives, and I have always taken that concept into consideration when discussing nutrition with clients.

Getting a puppy was a very calculated decision. That doesn't take away from the amount of responsibility involved, it just means we were making the decision to take on that responsibility at this point in our lives.

Now that I find myself working and having a young child, and now caring for the puppy, I still empathize, but I can better relate how to create a lifestyle of healthy nutrition amidst the chaotic storm of our everyday life. It all comes down to becoming scheduled and planning ahead. Obviously life will have its moments that challenge us, but the rest of the time I believe that if you are feeling a sense of control over things, then you will become more resilient to life's intermittent curveballs.