What Do Celebrities Eat?

What do celebrities really eat?

Think of the most attractive star you can. Do you think they are obsessing over every calorie they consume? Probably not. They have most likely hired a highfalutin dietician from the start who is planning each meal for them based on information Michael Pollan is offering you for free: "eat food, not too much, mostly plants."

I was inspired to write this blog based on a meme I came across: “Eat like the person you want to be”

The image that my mind created while reading this really struck a chord. Clients of mine who struggle with food often confess how the frustration of it all typically leads to binge-eating. Imagine a star out to lunch with other stars and celebrities. What do you picture? Do you imagine them leaving after lunch and entering their glamorous home and heading straight for the hidden bag of M&M's they keep stashed in their closet?

We may never know. I can guarantee you one thing though, no celebrity trainer or dietitian is telling them that it is ok to eat whatever they want as long as they promise to work out extra hard tomorrow.

In a past life long, long ago in my early twenties, I was a waitress. I worked in a few restaurants over the span of about seven years. One thing about waitressing is that you see all sorts of habits and manners in people that they themselves may not be aware of. Nothing will turn you off to food more than watching someone with poor manners eat.

Next time you find yourself digging through the pantry after dinner to curb a craving, think of this; what would it look like if you could see yourself eating? Maybe the answer to late night cravings is eating in front of a mirror. No one looks poised and graceful shoveling a handful of anything into their mouth while standing at the kitchen counter. If we "eat like the person we want to be," then maybe we will find it easier in some ways to control our food choices.