7 Moves To Flat Abs

7 moves to flat abs:

Sorry guys, but that's not how it works. “Flat abs are made in the kitchen”...

I have covered this topic in other blogs, so I will quickly review the cliff notes: exercise does wonderful things for our internal world, and for those attempting to lose weight, exercise can aid the process by balancing out calories consumed with calories burned. But, it is best used as a tool for weight maintenance and overall improvement of internal health. The sad truth? You will never be able to get a flat stomach, no matter how many abdominal exercises you do, if you keep eating crap.  

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but fitness magazines & websites, or companies that claim you can lose weight & get a flat stomach without changing your diet, are all lying. It just doesn't work like that. 

On a side note, flat stomachs you see in pictures are airbrushed. We all should have accepted that as an absolute truth by now. So why do we strive for unattainable perfection? Well let’s take a quick look at those individuals body shaming Lady Gaga after her Super Bowl performance. Her tiny little pooch around her belly button is probably the best any of us women (over 25) are ever going to get. Even while watching the performance I anticipated there would be some crazy backlash criticizing her body. Needless to say, it was disappointing to be proven right. I refused to actually read the shaming posts for my own sanity, so in all fairness I do not know exactly what they were saying. The fact that anything negative was even being said is infuriating enough, because it just reinforces the body image disorders already encouraged by all forms of media.

Lady Gaga’s body is real & not airbrushed; so is mine, and so is yours. Now, let us take into consideration that her weight has fluctuated over the past few years (as most of us have also experienced). And, we will assume that in preparation for her performance she probably spent more hours of her week dancing than sleeping. Her food intake was most likely limited as well.  I think her body was amazing, and being in the profession I am in, I have an acute understanding of what it takes to look the way she does. So how can we expect that 10 minutes a day of repeating a few isolated abdominal movements, and changing nothing else about our lifestyle, is going to allow us to achieve an airbrushed look of six pack abs? 

Getting back on point: The takeaway is that if you want to get a flatter, more toned looking stomach, start by controlling what you are putting in your mouth. Finding a healthier version of a food you love, and then overeating, is still overeating.